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Enjoy free shipping on most orders over $200 in the U.S.

RV Low Coolant Sensor for Steel Overflow Tank

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2 prong sensor, tells you know when your coolant is low. Fits the steel radiator overflow surge tank. For REV Group class A motorhomes / RVs such as American Coach, Holiday Rambler, Fleetwood and Monaco Coach. RV Elite part number 08544533.

1/4" NPT (about 1.2" outer diameter).

If you have the original radiator tank which is nylon or plastic and your low coolant sensor is on the top, you will need the new sensor and harness. The original tank has low coolant sensor on the top, if this is the case you need the two brass fittings, and the harness, and sensor. The new sensor has two prongs as well as the harness. To install it properly you snap the harness into the sensor, attach your existing one wire to the positive lead and the negative lead you ground to the frame of your motorhome.

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